History of photography

A Brief History of Photography

Photography has technically been around for hundreds of years, and while the art of capturing photos has definitely progressed and changed over the years, it is still important to have an understanding of the history of photography to really appreciate it for what it is today. What is the History of Photography? It would take
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Should You Go To Photography School?

There are many amateur photographers out there, who are understandably thinking about photography school. While years ago this was one of the best ways to learn more about photography, it isn’t the only way to get a great photography education. Before you start writing those tuition checks, take a look at some additional insights on
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fog photography

A Beginner’s Guide to Fog Photography

Fog Photography Attempting to capture fog photography can be an exciting and very creative process for any photographer. However, there are certain natural elements that can present certain challenges and make shooting outdoors slightly difficult. Fog, mist and haze are some of these complicating conditions. Fog is notoriously challenging to photograph in, but it can
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