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How to Make Money From Photography

It’s every artist’s dream, getting to express themselves and pursue their passion—all while being able to make money from photography. To be able to ditch the idea of being a “struggling artist” and embrace the possibility of making real money doing what you love…that doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. There are ways that
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Mirrorless vs DSLR Camera: How Do They Compare?

Mirrorless vs DSLR Camera: How Do They Compare? When mirrorless cameras first burst on the scene over a decade ago, professional and amateur photographers alike became excited over the possibilities that this new type of camera would bring. The emergence of the mirrorless camera also presented a potential threat to the much-loved DSRL cameras that
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influencers photography

How Influencers Are Ruining Photography 

It wasn’t that long ago when the word “influencer” wasn’t in most of our vocabularies. However, thanks to the power of social media, influencers not only represent one of the fastest-growing careers in recent memory—but also one of the, well, most influential ones as well. Some celebrities have jumped on the influencer bandwagon and some
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Smoky Mountains Photography

Photography Books Everyone Should Read

I recently read two photography books about nature – that involve nothing related to photography – that re-invigorated my passion for landscape and natural photography. That makes zero sense but let me explain. As any artist or photographer knows passion ebbs and flows. I can only be at my best when I am inspired to
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Snow Las Vegas

Snowy Desert Landscapes

It’s not every day you see snowfall in Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to photograph these amazing snowy desert landscapes. My snowy Las Vegas photos were also featured in SF Gate! The Weather Service of Las Vegas Reported: “The system dropped down from Canada, and it’s very cold and caused snow levels to fall
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Low fog photography

Low Fog Photography

Low fog photography is hard to time. But there’s nothing like shooting a low fog event. To my surprise one occurred in Las Vegas last week – a rarity to say the least. I have shot many low fog events in Los Angeles and they never cease to amaze me. Low fog is caused when
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I am nearing 40 years old and only know understanding the concept of less. Less spending, less travel, less eating, less chasing, less movement, less thinking, less judgment… The list goes on. A happy involves less I’ve come to learn. My knee injury has allowed me to slow down and enjoy the minutiae of daily
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Biking photography

Biking Photography

This year I discovered a new vehicle: a bicycle. A road bike to be precise. After years of reluctance I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a road bike. I have to say it’s literally the best way to get around. Living in Vegas means less cars, less assholes and plenty of road to roam
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Red Rock Las Vegas Winter Photography

Desert Chronicles : Winter 2023

I do such a terrible job updating this blog. I enjoy writing. Every year around this time I get a burst of inspiration that usually dissipates around late March. Then I get bogged down in work and balancing said work with life and then it all crumbles until I stare at his blog and laugh.
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