influencers photography

How Influencers Are Ruining Photography 

It wasn’t that long ago when the word “influencer” wasn’t in most of our vocabularies. However, thanks to the power of social media, influencers not only represent one of the fastest-growing careers in recent memory—but also one of the, well, most influential ones as well. Some celebrities have jumped on the influencer bandwagon and some
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I am nearing 40 years old and only know understanding the concept of less. Less spending, less travel, less eating, less chasing, less movement, less thinking, less judgment… The list goes on. A happy involves less I’ve come to learn. My knee injury has allowed me to slow down and enjoy the minutiae of daily
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Visual Transience: Fall Photography

Fall Photography There’s something about the transience of Fall that lends itself to captivating photographic opportunities. Fall photography is preferred because it’s where all nature’s magic is hidden. Winter’s chill deters a lot of people from picking up their cameras. The layering, the preparation and the uncertainty of the season is why many people use
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irrational exuberance

2021 The Year of Irrational Exuberance

The Year of Irrational Exuberance! You know the times they are a changing when Instagram models, idiots you knew from high school and shoe shine boys start doling out investing advice. I’ve been lucky in many ways. I’m no Rhodes Scholar, I’m not a member of Mensa nor am I so full of myself that
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twitter outrage

Twitter Outrage & the Death Of Expertise

Everyday I log onto Twitter and decide what Twitter outrage will consume my mind for the next 24 hours. In a world where everyone has a voice and some voices are more important than others (based purely on the number of people who follow you) there’s bound to be issues. Last week Wall Street learned
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pink and white

The Year 2021: Pink and White

This month has been pretty slow, enjoyably so! Pink and White the colors that flow. If not for my drone and camera I don’t think I would have left my house at all. I’ve been clicking away since the holiday. Also, I just realized the last two sentences rhymed. I didn’t do that deliberately, I’m
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winter solstice 2020

The Solstice: Winter Solstice 2020

Today is Winter Solstice and marks the shortest day of the year, but each subsequent day will be longer and brighter. Both figuratively and literally. By happenstance photography takes me to interesting places on auspicious days. This morning I lined up sunrise with a famous lighthouse in Los Angeles to mark the solstice (and honestly
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