Low fog photography

Low Fog Photography

Low fog photography is hard to time. But there’s nothing like shooting a low fog event. To my surprise one occurred in Las Vegas last week – a rarity to say the least. I have shot many low fog events in Los Angeles and they never cease to amaze me. Low fog is caused when
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Biking photography

Biking Photography

This year I discovered a new vehicle: a bicycle. A road bike to be precise. After years of reluctance I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a road bike. I have to say it’s literally the best way to get around. Living in Vegas means less cars, less assholes and plenty of road to roam
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Red Rock Las Vegas Winter Photography

Desert Chronicles : Winter 2023

I do such a terrible job updating this blog. I enjoy writing. Every year around this time I get a burst of inspiration that usually dissipates around late March. Then I get bogged down in work and balancing said work with life and then it all crumbles until I stare at his blog and laugh.
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bryce canyon winter

7 Useful Winter Photography Tips

Winter is a great time to take photographs if you prepare, can stand the elements and know how to take your gloves on and off over and over and over again. I’ve learned a lot of things over the years and have almost lost some appendages (fingers primarily) due to unpreparedness. With great risk, comes
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Visual Transience: Fall Photography

Fall Photography There’s something about the transience of Fall that lends itself to captivating photographic opportunities. Fall photography is preferred because it’s where all nature’s magic is hidden. Winter’s chill deters a lot of people from picking up their cameras. The layering, the preparation and the uncertainty of the season is why many people use
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photography trip

How to Plan For a Photography Trip

Planning for a trip is difficult. Planning a photography trip is downright brutal. I’ve put together this guide to help aspiring and seasoned photographers save time on packing. Through years of failed attempts, countless overweight bags, dozens of broken zippers and torn cases I’ve learned a lot! Rather than rambling on I’ll let the graphic
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