Biking photography

Biking Photography

This year I discovered a new vehicle: a bicycle. A road bike to be precise.

After years of reluctance I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a road bike. I have to say it’s literally the best way to get around. Living in Vegas means less cars, less assholes and plenty of road to roam on my bicycle. It also means a lot of sunny days — just not as many recently.

Tearing my ACL has been a big downer, but one of the few exercises I can still pursue is road biking. There is very little strain on the knee and it actually is an exercise utilized post-op to recover flexion in the knee.

Biking photography

Here are my 7 favorite things about riding my bicycle

1. You can go the wrong way on a one way country road (just be careful).

2. You can enjoy the scenery at your own pace.

3. It’s a great workout.

4. You can pull over to take photos wherever and whenever you want.

5. The downhills are a thrill – I try to stay under 40 mph.

6. It’s meditative. The repetition and nature are great for the mind & soul.

7. It’s great for your cardiovascular health.

Riding a bike isn’t for everyone but it’s def for me. If you’re recovering from an injury or trying to avoid one it’s definitely a great way to get around and get fit.

The other day I was cruising down the street on my road bike, listening to jams when an 80 year old cruised by me and said hello. It gave me pause — if I can perform at half the ability of this man I’d be thrilled at age 80. You’re never too young or too old to bike. Please just don’t mistake e-biking for road biking – I’ll save that discussion for a future post.

“Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live.”

– Mark Twain from “Taming the Bicycle”


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