iphone vs dslr

iPhone vs DSLR: The Competition Narrows

iPhone vs DSLR

Iphone vs DSLR: A debate that’s been raging for years. With #iphoneonly enthusiasts on one side and photo pros lugging around DSLRs on the other. It’s becoming more and more evident that the iPhone is starting to outperform my DSLR cameras in daylight. The ease of use, simple click of a button and simple storage abilities of the iPhone far outweigh having to lug around a giant camera.

This wasn’t the case two generations of iPhone ago but its become abundantly clear to me that pretty soon I shouldn’t bother taking my DSLR out during day time adventures.

Here is a shot I captured on my Canon 5DMK4 last weekend in Sequoia National Park


sequoia snow

Now compare that to a similar frame taken with my iPhone12 Pro MAX (yeah, I know there’s a person in this shot – but even without the person the color and dynamic range look WAY better)

Sequioa National Park Iphone


iPhone vs DSLR: Everyone Will Be A Pro!

Anyways… I think think this great for the general population as DSLRs are expensive and a pain to lug around. As we miniaturize the process of photo taking and technology becomes more accessible to the masses we’ll see great strides in the quality of photos being shared. Which is great because I am tired of seeing pixelated Aunt Gertrude on my instagram feed.

For the photo purists out there (myself being one) there are still a host of options — they just are getting more and more expensive. I am slowly but surely transitioning my DSLR allegiance over to Sony which has a foothold on the industry, primarily because it supplies sensors to every other major DSLR manufacturer including the iPhone.

I’m excited to see how the industry evolves over the years and am hoping it saves me from some future back pain. It’s a hassle(bad) carrying around a 40 pound pack with 3 lenses and two camera bodies. I’m all for opening up photographic excellence to the masses! Maybe there will be less photo snobbery when that happens… but I doubt it!

dslr vs iphone

This post was inspired by my buddy OM who wrote a great piece that you can check out in the link below: iPhone vs Camera: No Contest


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