Hiking Trip

How to Plan for a Hiking Trip

This summer I am getting back into planning hiking trips & backpacking adventures and admittedly I forgot a lot of the tips and tricks that made it so easy for me to get into the outdoors in years past. So I decided to do what I always do when my brain is scattered: I made
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pink and white

The Year 2021: Pink and White

This month has been pretty slow, enjoyably so! Pink and White the colors that flow. If not for my drone and camera I don’t think I would have left my house at all. I’ve been clicking away since the holiday. Also, I just realized the last two sentences rhymed. I didn’t do that deliberately, I’m
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winter solstice 2020

The Solstice: Winter Solstice 2020

Today is Winter Solstice and marks the shortest day of the year, but each subsequent day will be longer and brighter. Both figuratively and literally. By happenstance photography takes me to interesting places on auspicious days. This morning I lined up sunrise with a famous lighthouse in Los Angeles to mark the solstice (and honestly
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buying photos online

Things to Know Before Buying Photos Online

With the amount of content being created on a daily basis online there is a new market for people buying photos online . While some photographers sell prints for home or gallery displays, other photographers shoot and sell stock photos that can be used on websites and other online platform. No matter the reason you
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focal length

What is Focal Length?

When it comes to understanding some of the mots important photography principles out there—one of the most important is undoubtedly focal length. If you are new to the world of photography, this may seem like a foreign term, but it is one that is important to understanding photographs and how they are taken. Even if
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photography mistakes

5 Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are completely new to the world of photography, or if you are just working on taking your skills to the next level, there is so much to learn about this art form and certain photography mistakes you HAVE to avoid. While there are countless guides, articles, videos and classes about all of the
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photography project

How to Prepare for a Photography Project

If you are looking to take on a new photography project, there is no better way to grow you photography skills and to push yourself creatively. Whether you are a professional photographer looking for a personal side project, or are a weekend warrior who wants to take on a new side project—a great photography project
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