Mexico Photography

Mexico Photography Guide : The Yucatan

Mexico Photography  ?! Not many people associate this country with picturesque landcapes. However, the country is vast and encompasses countless landscapes. From the deserts to the mountains and from the jungles to the ocean there are endless opportunities to photograph Mexico’s beauty. One area in particular that captivated me was the Yucatan Peninsula. Yucatan Photography
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real estate photography guide

The Ultimate Real Estate Photography Guide

Real Estate Photography Guide This is a guest post and a great real estate photography guide by Steven Magner While not all photographers may automatically think of real estate photography when it comes to their desired career path—it is a very specific and often times very profitable for of picture-taking. There are many photographers who
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How to photograph a lunar eclipse

How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse

How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse If you have never experienced a lunar eclipse before, there is truly nothing quite like it. And if you have never photographed a lunar eclipse before, it is a photography experience you truly do not want to miss. This guide will show you some basics on how to photograph
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New Mexico Photography

The Ultimate New Mexico Photography Guide

New Mexico Photography 101 New Mexico Photography!? I was thinking the same thing before I entered this gem of a state. Because it’s tucked away in the SouthWest and not glorified like other locations, people don’t often associate New Mexico with all the beauty and splendor it possesses. Imagine a place where you can photograph
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big island photography

Hawaii’s Big Island Photography Guide

Big Island Photography : Earth Wind and Fire The Goddess Pele plays a prominent role in Hawaiian mythology so it’s only fitting that I start off the Big Island Photography Guide with a primer on the Legend of Pele. {Note: The Lava Flow is currently dormant. This guide will still provide great tips on how
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desert photography

Toes in the Sand: How to Shoot Desert Photography

Desert Photography Landscapes As any seasoned photographer will tell you, when it comes to desert photography, no two types of landscapes are the same. While there are some general principles that apply to all landscape photography, each setting requires its own unique approach and has its own unique challenges. This is particularly true when it
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