Northern Lights Photography

Northern Lights Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Northern Lights Photography When it comes to mastering the art of  northern lights photography, every photographer is different. You may be a beginner just getting started, or a pro looking to perfect your photography portfolio, but either way, there are a few different subjects that are notoriously difficult to capture, especially if you are in
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travel photography

15 Useful Travel Photography Tips

Travel Photography Tips There is nothing more freeing or liberating than traveling the globe and getting to experience new and exciting horizons. This is not only why people love to travel, but why travel photography is one of the most popular forms of photography out there. Travelers not only love capturing their once-in-a-lifetime trips with
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fog photography

A Beginner’s Guide to Fog Photography

Fog Photography Attempting to capture fog photography can be an exciting and very creative process for any photographer. However, there are certain natural elements that can present certain challenges and make shooting outdoors slightly difficult. Fog, mist and haze are some of these complicating conditions. Fog is notoriously challenging to photograph in, but it can
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outdoor photography

17 Outdoor Photography Tips

Outdoor Photography Tips There are so many different types of photography out there. However, when it really comes down to it—you can classify photos into two main types: indoor photography and outdoor photography. Like many types of photography, if you are looking to master the art of outdoor photography, one of the best things you
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winter photography

7 Useful Winter Photography Tips

Winter Photography  While some people may not appreciate winter photography and all of the cold weather that comes with it—there is no denying that winter is one of the most beautiful times of year. Any photographer can appreciate the beauty that comes with wintertime—especially in places where it snows. While winter can be a beautiful
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Mexico Photography

Mexico Photography Guide : The Yucatan

Mexico Photography  ?! Not many people associate this country with picturesque landcapes. However, the country is vast and encompasses countless landscapes. From the deserts to the mountains and from the jungles to the ocean there are endless opportunities to photograph Mexico’s beauty. One area in particular that captivated me was the Yucatan Peninsula. Yucatan Photography
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real estate photography guide

The Ultimate Real Estate Photography Guide

Real Estate Photography Guide This is a guest post and a great real estate photography guide by Steven Magner While not all photographers may automatically think of real estate photography when it comes to their desired career path—it is a very specific and often times very profitable for of picture-taking. There are many photographers who
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