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My 2020 Pandemic Playlist

Admittedly I’ve tried every possible way to stay focused during the pandemic and the only remedy that has stuck is creating playlists on Spotify and listening to them over and over and over and over again until it’s time to make a new pandemic playlist.

There hasn’t been an album since the start of the pandemic that’s caught my ears but… what better way to escape 2020 by taking an auditory ride through history!

Here are some pre-pandemic artist’s albums that have figured prominently on my Pandemic Playlists:

Frank Ocean: Blond

Whether you’re feeling, melancholic, apathetic, inspired or straight up HYPE this album has all the moods for you with a mix of feels that are sure to soothe your soul. Listen to this album in the kitchen, in your car or even while you’re dancing in the shower while sobbing to the beats of these discordant pandemic streets.

Lord Huron: Strange Trails

Stuck at your desk but dreaming of nature — look no further… This album brings the forests and all the feels straight to your ears. Mossy beats and wanderlust feats … I feel like that should be the name of their post-pandemic album. I’ve spent many car rides during the pandemic listening to this album on loop and so should you!

Travis Scott: Astroworld

Missing the club and also want to feel like you’re in OUTER space… well this is the album for you. Highest in the room when you’re the only person in your room — what a time to be alive. Surely, there’ll be a follow up album once the clubs open up again with the same snappy rhymes and outer space lines… and I can’t wait!

Yacht Rock Radio Pandemic Playlist

The 80s… what a time to have been alive. Thanks to Spotify theres a station to harken back to the era.

Ironically things weren’t much different than they are now … hyper capitalism, a growing income gap and Yacht owning douchebags escaping cities for the high seas. I’d hate more but the music was just so damn good!

Incubus: Morning View

Live close enough to the beach to drive to the beach, but too lazy to do so? Listen to Incubus’ morning view you’ll thank me later. Close your eyes and imagine this (well don’t close your eyes now — read what I am writing first)

OK imagine this. It’s 2019:

You just got done attending a 50 person group yoga sesh under a tarp at a cool Malibu retreat. An interesting looking person — who looks like they’d be famous on instagram — approaches you after the sesh and tries selling you on some obscure self help remedy.

You politely say “Hey Bud, I gotta get going — maybe next year” (get it next year is 2020 – aha!)

You then proceed to put your earbud headphones in and play “nice to know you” as you cruise down the boardwalk on your beach cruiser bike. CALIFORNIA COOL!

Honorable Mentions

The Beatles: Abbey Road

Sade: The Best Of

These final two albums — no words just listen. They are classics and don’t require introductions or validation.

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