winter solstice 2020

The Solstice: Winter Solstice 2020

Today is Winter Solstice and marks the shortest day of the year, but each subsequent day will be longer and brighter.

Both figuratively and literally.

By happenstance photography takes me to interesting places on auspicious days. This morning I lined up sunrise with a famous lighthouse in Los Angeles to mark the solstice (and honestly to get a very cool photo) — the photo is on the cover image of this post*

Later this evening I will head to the beach again to capture the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, an event that has not happened in 800 years.

jupiter and saturn conjunction

Throughout the ages Winter Solstice has held a special place for myth and storytelling.

One of the most famous legends to survive is that of Frigga the Norse Goddess who gave birth to “the young sun” Baldur during a time of great darkness and upheaval.

In Scotland, Wish Night is the time of year when wishes hold the most power. On the night of solstice the Celtic Mare goddess Rhiannon, rides through the night to make people’s dreams come true.

In India Winter Solstice is a holy day. Ayan Parivartan is a festival where Hindus bath in holy rivers, give alms and perform other charitable deeds.

At one point this year there seemingly was no light at the end of the tunnel, but with positive vaccine news the tide is turning on the pandemic. 

On the heels of the vaccine rollout the days in fact will be brighter.

With the planets Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction later this evening we can carry over our own symbols and myths for generations to come.

The sun rose on a new day in a new season, two planets aligned, people stopped arguing on social media, common sense ruled the day and light overcame darkness… Comon’ Rhiannon, make it happen for wish night!

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