pink and white

The Year 2021: Pink and White

This month has been pretty slow, enjoyably so! Pink and White the colors that flow.

If not for my drone and camera I don’t think I would have left my house at all. I’ve been clicking away since the holiday.

Also, I just realized the last two sentences rhymed. I didn’t do that deliberately, I’m not lying.

I truly believe having hobbies and a creative outlet can get one through most anything. Boredom, specifically boredom during a pandemic can drive one mad. Beyond flying my drone and snapping photos I’ve picked up a few other hobbies as well: planting, washing the dishes (yes this is a hobby when done right) and checking the stock market daily (it’s compulsion — but hey it keeps me busy)

Mood: White

I’ve always been a fan of winter. While most people slip into spells of melancholy it truly awakens me. The contrast of a cloudy sky, explosive sunsets and snow falling — things I live for!

I spent late December in the snow … a-lot! I drove twice in a week to Lone Pine after hearing of an epic snow dump on the usually dry boulders. I lucked out with the light as there was a full moon. Full moon snowscapes make for amazing photos.

Upon my return to the city I was treated to even more beauty. A rare photo by many estimations is the juxtaposition of the moon rising over the San Gabriel Mountains that frame Downtown Los Angeles. Luckily, the timing was propitious and I was able to nail the shot!

lessons from 2020

Mood: Pink

The start of the year has been met with a flurry of spectacular sunsets! It’s like the photography god’s timed this perfectly for Los Angeles. A blessing considering all that’s going on in the city 😞

I’ve been knee deep in work — yeah, I’ve been getting back into the groove of workaholism. The lockdown has lent itself nicely to this compulsion to accumulate more and spend most of my waking hours in front a computer screen. Oh well… cest la vie. At least I get to partake in my hobbies once the sun sets.

Palos Verdes Lighthouse

Fade to Blue

The future is looking brighter by the day but relative brightness doesn’t negate all the darkness.  I live for the cold and dreary but I think coming blue bird skies and warmer days will feel a lot better — at which point I’ll put the camera down and take it all in… one breath at a time. Pink and White .

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