Red Rock Las Vegas Winter Photography

Desert Chronicles : Winter 2023

I do such a terrible job updating this blog. I enjoy writing. Every year around this time I get a burst of inspiration that usually dissipates around late March. Then I get bogged down in work and balancing said work with life and then it all crumbles until I stare at his blog and laugh.

This year I’ve downloaded an app that helped keep me accountable. It’s called streaks and it is by far my favorite app. Currently I am using this app to track my daily sugar intake, meditation routine, weight loss journey and now my writing.

I recently tore my ACL. It’s very likely I’ll get surgery so being fit and at the right weight is important to me. Meditation will also play a crucial role in my recovery and sanity 🙂 . Writing is a way to look back on this weird time and understand happiness and contentment is always marked by the dissipation of excitement and creation of new routines.

Not being able to snowboard, hike or rock climb has allotted me a lot of time to rediscover my first passion: Photography. It’s nice to know I always have this hobby to fall back on. In time of injury, time of discontent or even in old age I’ll know that picking up a camera is the surest way to occupy time and get lost in the lens.

I have a few trips lined up this year that I hope to chronicle, knee recovery willing. I plan on seeing the Aurora in Alaska, visiting Europe and the Canadian Rockies this year and making it to Iceland for my 40th birthday. I’ll have tons of photos to share and I hope you enjoy.

Here are some salt and pepper landscapes from the ridiculous winter we have had in the desert. With a special treat at the end – my dog, Lama 🙂


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