drone photography

Drone Photography: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the newest and most tech-heavy forms of photography to impact the industry in recent years has to be drone photography. Aerial drone photography is changing the way that we look at photos and videos and it can be a great addition to your current photography profile. What is Drone Photography? So, what exactly
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how to photograph a solar eclipse

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is one of the most beautiful and unique occurrences that happens in nature and many people still dont know how to photograph a solar eclipse. If you aren’t already familiar with the solar eclipse and what it is—it occurs whenever the moon’s shadow falls on the earth. A solar eclipse can only
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History of photography

A Brief History of Photography

Photography has technically been around for hundreds of years, and while the art of capturing photos has definitely progressed and changed over the years, it is still important to have an understanding of the history of photography to really appreciate it for what it is today. What is the History of Photography? What is history
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Should You Go To Photography School?

There are many amateur photographers out there, who are understandably thinking about photography school. While years ago this was one of the best ways to learn more about photography, it isn’t the only way to get a great photography education. Before you start writing those tuition checks, take a look at some additional insights on
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urban photography

9 Urban Photography Tips for Beginners

  While there are many different types of photography, urban photography is perhaps one of the broadest and most diverse forms. Urban photography, sometimes known as stress photography, can vary as much as the city you are shooting in—but there are still a few tips that every urban photographer should keep in mind as they
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